1. Ruffles #RoughLife: The Double Decker

    Life can be rough. Like when date night is on the same night as the NFL draft. Thankfully, there’s Ruffles—and NFL star Eric Decker.

    I produced two spots for Ruffles. Both star New York Jets receiver Eric Decker. The one above is the :30 and the one below is a :15 that’s a different concept. We had a long day shooting both spots in the same location, but I think it was worth it because they both came out great.


  2. Vonage / Animal Planet

    I produced this :30 Vonage commercial while freelancing for Click 3X in the fall of 2013. The commercial was a co-sponsorship with the show Finding Bigfoot so we had to travel to Kentucky to meet up with the cast. We worked with the best people in the world while we were there.


  3. Geico / Bonnie and Clyde

    I had the pleasure of working for Click 3X for eight straight weeks this fall. During that time I produced four :30 ads for Geico and the Bonnie and Clyde miniseries on A&E networks. I posted my favorite above.


  4. me>

    Strong Island

    I co-produced this 5 episode web series for Comedy Central’s  CC:Studios. Directed by Josh Ruben and Vincent Peone and starring Jon Gabrus and Justin Tyler.

    The third episode, “Pool Volleyball,” is my favorite and it’s embedded above.

    - Episode 1 “Kids Inc
    - Episode 2 “Bootleggers
    - Episode 3 “Pool Volleyball
    - Episode 4 “Drom Mord
    - Episode 5 “Wings


  5. BMW Spain

    The production team from Sofa Experience traveled around the world to make this commercial. I think they ended up in 10 cities globally. I had the fortune of producing the New York leg of their journey.

    Everything was done practically. Real hand out the window of a BMW in that location. The shot that ended up in the commercial required us to hold roughly 150 parking spots in Queens so there wouldn’t be any cars blocking the beautiful view of the UN.


  6. Friendtervention

    I produced this really cool anti-smoking campaign for the state of Mississippi. It’s basically a choose your own adventure for helping people quit smoking. You pick the theme and the subjects you want to focus on, and it edits together a short video you can share with your friend.

    It’s a good cause, it was fun to make, and the end result turned out really well. It’s a producing trifecta.


  7. Axe Black Chill :30 Preroll

    I produced five videos for Axe in 2013, four of them were for this campaign.  It’s really great working with a single brand so often, because you really understand exactly what they want.


  8. Vampire Weekend

    I was the production manager and post coordinator on the two new Vampire Weekend music videos. Produced by ApK, we had only 5 days to bring these videos from concept to completion. It was an amazing rush to be part of this project.

    You can watch them here: Diane Young - Step


  9. Candice Swanepoel and her AXE Astronaut - Axe Apollo

    I produced this ad for Axe.

    Fun Fact: we actually shot and edited two versions of this script. The other version is identical except Candice was wearing a red shirt with white and gold stripes, the astronaut’s towel was red, and the pillows in the back were gold (49ers colors, obviously).


  10. On The Verge episode 006 - Damon Lindelof, Masi Oka, Marco Arment

    On The Verge is a monthly late night talk show in front of a live studio audience. I was the writer and producer of this show for nine months. The above episode is my favorite. A lot of people do a lot of work to make this happen. 

    You can watch more episodes: